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About Us

Way back in 2010, we took the very first steps towards making our dream a reality. We dreamed of providing high-quality services, of rising to any challenge, to happy customers, and to create a fun and friendly place to work. Overall, we dreamed of building a successful, groundbreaking company that would become Fredericton’s premier service provider. We are proud to announce that we did it, and are now considered the ultimate resource for everything related to business both in and around Fredericton.


We started slowly – dipping our toes into market research to determine not only who would be interested in our services, but also what these potential clients would require from us – how we could help them improve their lives. The results provided us with a plan for the direction and goals which would appeal to local community, and the notion of Fredericton Solutions was born.


Fredericton Solutions really came to life in September 2011 when we began offering web-based services, building our clientele and seeing two of our dreams come true – we were providing high-quality services and; in return, were seeing lots of happy customers. However, offering web-based services exclusively was limiting us meeting our other goals, so in June 2012, we opened our very first physical office in Fredericton. This is what truly allowed us to say ‘we made it’. Along with the high-quality services and happy customers, we had opened a welcoming office for our staff. We had risen to the challenge of making our services more convenient and accessible, and we had become known for being the first solution center in Fredericton.


We worked hard to make ourselves great, but what continues to make us stand out is that we put our clients first. Our clients are the people that made us what we are, and we greatly value that loyalty. In fact, we wholeheartedly believe that our customers’ happiness is the most valuable asset of our company.


Of course, while we’ve achieved our dreams, we’re constantly striving for more. Our goal is to provide a wider range of services for our customers, and to build upon the quality of our existing services.


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